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Experience the Ultimate Bachelor's Party in Zakynthos

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Stag Do coming up? The pressure is on: you are now organizing the most important party ever for your best friend.

Where should we go? How do we make it unusual? What are the best party places at night? What about accommodation? And how are we going to prank the stag, be original and yet memorable? So many questions. Can be nerve wrecking- but that’s where we come in.

We know the challenge and the responsibility you have. We have the solution: putting together crazy mad stag dos, and we have guides who will make your time a blast.


Obviously Stag Dos involve lots of drinking, strippers, more drinking and more strippers and we would never discourage any of these, but you can do even better. Why not get a little creative and make sure you create memories that you will remember  for years to come.?

Consider some of these:


Yacht Cruise


Extreme Sports




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Ready to throw the ultimate stag party? Look no further! Our expert event planners will help you create a wild and memorable time for the groom-to-be and his closest friends. From bar crawls to activities like paintball and go-kart racing, water sports and many more... we've got everything you need to make this party epic. Let's get started on planning the perfect send-off!

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